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OutPatient Counseling Services:

Counseling is provided by staff trained in the fields of psychology, counseling, social work or other related areas. Our clinical therapists provide out-patient counseling services to children and adults in individual, family, couples and group sessions. Mental Health concerns addressed include depression, anxiety, family and relationship issues, behavior and anger management problems, stress management, grief and loss issues, suicidal ideation and actions, and other mental health related issues.

Crisis Services:

Crisis services are available 24-hours a day for mental health crisis situations.  Anyone experiencing, or dealing with someone who is experiencing a mental health emergency, may reach crisis services by calling 1-800-356-5395. Bootheel Counseling Services is the provider of crisis services for the counties of Scott, New Madrid, Mississippi and Stoddard. During regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 5:00 pm), please call Bootheel Counseling Services at (573) 471-0800.

Psychiatric Medical Services:

Medication Clinic staff provide professional, efficient and state of the art care to clients with severe mental health issues. Medication staff consists of psychiatrists who provide psychiatric evaluations and on-going psychiatric services to children and adults. 

Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program Adult & Youth (CPRP):

This program is a client-centered approach that emphasizes individual choices and needs; features flexible community-based services and supports; uses existing community resources and natural support systems; and promotes independence and the pursuit of meaningful living, working, learning and leisure-time activities in normal community settings. The program provides an array of key services to persons with severe, disabling mental illnesses. Services include evaluations, crisis intervention, community support, medication management and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders (ITCD):

Bootheel Counseling Services is comitted to the sobriety and mental health of its consumers, the process of change, and to the well-being of society. Services offered by the ITCD Program are designed to be those services and supports essential to assist a person with mental illness and substance use disorders to grow toward sobriety. The ITCD program is for the Adult CPRP Program only. Services are individually tailored to each consumer's needs. A treatment team approach is utilized as all BCS providers associated with each ITCD consumer will meet on a monthly basis.

'Clubhouse Model' Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PSR):
  • This service allows individuals with chronic psychiatric disabilities to achieve more normal, self-sufficient lives in the community through:

  • Interpersonal skills training

  • Independent living skills training

  • Vocationally-oriented day treatment

  • Recreational programs

Targeted Case Management Program Adult & Youth (TCM):

Targeted Case Management services are intended to assist individuals in gaining access to psychiatric, medical, social and educational services and supports by providing one-on-one interaction with adults who have serious mental illnesses.  Intensive Targeted Case Management services are provided for children who have severe emotional disturbances. These services are intended to assist the child and his/her family in accessing needed services in the areas of psychiatric, medical, social and educational needs. Due to the intensive level of this service, each ITCM provides information, resources, support and monitoring for a limited number of twelve identified clients at a time.

Treatment Family Home Program (TFH):

Treatment Family Homes (TFH) are private family residences that are licensed to provide out-of-home care for up to three youth, under age 18, with severe emotional disturbances (SED), who are not related by blood or marriage.  TFH parents are specially trained, and with other family members, are expected to be an integral part of a youth’s treatment team.  TFH parents provide the youth in care with oversight, structure, guidance, behavior management, medication compliance, and advocacy. This program incorporates family treatment with alternative care services which are collectively designed to provide short-term behaviorally focused alternative to inpatient care, or more restrictive forms of out-of-home care.    The program is based on the philosophy that children who grow up in a family setting are more likely to develop the self-image, values, and skills that are necessary to live successfully in society. 

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs):

This service is available to businesses and private industry.  It is a service by which employers can create a plan to cover the cost for mental health services for their employees and family members. This is an added employee benefit which increases job satisfaction, reduces staff turn-over, increases productivity and eventually reduces company costs.

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