Bootheel Counseling Services is committed to providing excellent comprehensive behavioral health care services. 
Bootheel Counseling Services will be the leading comprehensive mental health care provider in
Scott, Stoddard, Mississippi and New Madrid Counties.
-   treating everyone with empathy, respect and honesty;
-   encouraging diversity and respecting differences in people
     and cultures;
-   professional responsibility to clients, community, co-workers
     nd self;
-   maintaining high ethical standards, individually and organizationally;
-   providing excellent comprehensive mental health care;
-   the treatment and recovery of individuals with mental illness and
    emotional challenges;
-   providing confidential, competent and compassionate care in a safe
     and efficient manner;
-   pursuing the means to provide affordable services.

Roketia Sanders was chosen by her peers as the September 2020 Employee of the Month. She is a joy to be around and is awesome at her job. Roketia always has a smile on her face and is able to stay calm no matter the situation. She is fantastic in her position as a Children's CSP and always goes the extra mile. Congratulations to Roketia Sanders!

Lindsey Simmons was chosen by her peers as the October 2020 Employee of the Month. She is patient with consumers and goes out of her way to meet their needs. Lindsey makes the consumer feel that they are being heard and that their requests are being met. As a co-worker, Lindsey is always willing to help out. Her calm demeanor is an asset in a stressful situation. Congratulations to Lindsey Simmons!

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